12 Dec 2001

New Management Team for ModelKinetix

ModelKinetix Business Strengthened in Confirmed Management Agreement

Beaconsfield, UK - ModelKinetix is pleased to announce the finalisation of an agreement between AP Benson Ltd. and FamilyGenetix Ltd. on the transfer of the CyrillicSoftware and ModelKinetix businesses to AP Benson Ltd.

AP Benson is a technology business management consultancy group that includes former senior managers at FamilyGenetix.

Originally planned as a 6 month handover process, the transfer of the business to AP Benson management has been completed in 4 months. Mr. Frank Bretherton, a major shareholder in FamilyGenetix said, "AP Benson has renewed the strength of our approach to the genetics and mathematical modeling markets, placing the business on a firm financial footing. AP Benson will retain and build on the FamilyGenetix, CytillicSoftware and ModelKinetics brands."

Mr. Bretherton went on to say:

"AP Benson has also revitalised the FamilyGenetix product development approach. They have developed an agressive new product development plan through strategic and development alliances with major research and clinical centers. They have strengthened technical support for our customers. Significant new product releases are expected in 4Q2002 or 1Q2003."

FamilyGenetix Ltd., formerly known as Cherwell Scientific Publishing Ltd. is a UK based scientific and clinical software business located in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, near to its roots in Oxford and only a few miles out of London. FamilyGenetix develops and distributes popular scientific and clincal software such as Cyrillic and ModelMaker.

AP Benson Ltd. is a technology consulting and business development firm. They specialize in assisting our clients creating commercially viable businesses based on innovative applications of new or existing technologies. AP Benson acts for both large and small companies and for individuals as well as for providers of capital, including banks, private investors and venture capitalists. AP Benson has a strong focus on the healthcare, software and engineering sectors but operates in other sectors and can draw on expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

Please direct enquiries to AP Benson.

13 March 2000

ModelMaker v4.0

Major new version of ModelMaker released for one-stop simulation and model analysis

Oxford, England - ModelKinetix, a division of software developer FamilyGenetix Ltd., announce a major new release of their simulation modeling software, ModelMaker. This release follows in-depth customer research and uses new software technology to meet the analytical needs of the modeler. ModelMaker 4.0 brings a new interface, analysis and graphing features, and is aimed at the chemical, pharmacokinetic and environmental science markets.

Major new features include Monte Carlo analysis, new optimization methods, stiff equation solving, the ability to archive model status and results and an improved user-interface. ModelMaker is the complete modeling software package for novices and professionals alike.

The use of numerical simulation models is one of the most powerful methods for analyzing and understanding processes. ModelMaker is designed for scientists who are not necessarily expert mathematicians, programmers or modelers. Using a compartmental method of modeling users can quickly convert a conceptual model into a working mathematical model of even the most complex system. Modelmaker continues its generic approach to modeling and will continue to be used in diverse scientific fields such as environmental, biochemical, geological, ecological or pharmacological science.

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Major new features in ModelMaker 4.0 include:

 New User Interface
   An even easier to use interface
   Model status archiving making model variation analysis easy
   Model navigator for rapid viewing of models and data
   Password protected models

 New Simulation Features
   More integration options including stiff equation solvers (Gear's method) and Monte-Carlo analysis

 New Optimization Features
   More optimization methods including Extended least squares, Weighted least squares and ordinary Least squares
   parameter estimation.

 New Output Formats
   New and improved, fully configurable graph features
   Improved statistical output
   Cut and paste facilities to clipboards, MS Excel, MS Word etc

 New License Types
   Network and fixed seat licenses Available by electronic download or boxed with CD and manuals

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System Requirements

IBM-compatible PC running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP. Minimum 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive.

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Price Information

Purchase ModelMaker from our on-line store.

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ModelKinetix is a trade name of FamilyGenetix, managed by AP Benson.
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